Questionnaires' results

At this page, questionnaires' results for all of our events are present.

Solanin (Ajikan 25th Anniversary)

Initially, the idea was to make 18 songs to celebrate the 25th Anniversary, starting with one selected from those 18. However, later we understood, that it was too much work and almost impossible for us to finish. So, only that one chosen songs was recorded.

The initial principle was the following: we chose one song from each studio album, from each EP, both Feedback Files, from songs sang by Kensuke Kita, from indie period, from those which weren't present in the previous categories, and Yellow as Takahiro Yamada's song.

The results of the first questionnaire are present here:

The first initial survey's results

As a second step, all of those winning songs went to a second tour to chose one song to cover first. It was a triple tie...

Then, we had to chose between those three. In that last but not least survey Solanin won.

Kaiga Kyoushitsu + Konayuki (Feedback File and I'm standing here Anniversaries)

The second event started in August 2021. The purpose was to decide which songs from Feedback File and I'm standing here we should cover. In the I'm standing here survey won Konayuki, but in the Feedback File survey we got a tie, thus the second tour was needed.

The resluts of the first tour are present below.

In the second tour the final win went to Kaiga Kyoushitsu. Please find the results below.