Ajikan Worldwide Project

A group of people who love Asian Kung-Fu Generation and cover their songs

About us

We're a group of people with a big love for the Asian Kung-Fu Generation's music and with a desire to express it. And together we make this project possible and alive.

This project was first organised by akfgfragments in February 2021 to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary.

The music is recorded by awesome guys from ReDo AKG cover band. Don't forget to follow them!

What is it?

This is a worldwide project in which anyone can participate. We make covers to celebrate different landmarks of the band's history. For example, initially we made a cover of ‘Solanin’ to feature the Asian Kung-Fu Generation's 25th Anniversary.

Why is it?

The main purpose of the project is to show how big and diverse Asian Kung-Fu Generation fan community is. It doesn’t matter whether can we sing or not. The purpose is not to make a cover with perfect vocals, the main goal is to show our love and passion for the band.

How does it work?

We select a song via an open survey in which anyone can take part in. As soon as song is chosen, we record the instrumental part (thanks to the cover band Re-Do). After that, each participant record the needed part of the song. When everything of the above is ready, we mix and master the final track, and edit the video. Then, at the landmark date, the video is uploaded to YouTube.

The results of song selection questionnaires are availaible here.

Right now we're in a middle of a new project. We're going to do a cover to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first studio album ‘Kimi Tsunagi Five M’.

More details about this upcoming project may be found here.

By the way, if you want to join us in recording vocals and you didn't take part in prevoius projects (or you didn't get an email from us), please fill in the following form.


Kaiga Kyoushitsu
Kimi to Iu Hana


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